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Join the conversation with fellow AppSec leaders @Home in these informal episodes where we discuss all things AppSec and beyond.

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WHY ATTEND Leaders in AppSec?

Leaders in AppSec has been developed to bring members of the AppSec, InfoSec, and cybersecurity industries together in order to share knowledge and experiences, ultimately connecting a community of passionate leaders from all over the world.

Our goal is to build a strong, global society of security-aware individuals who demand code that is safer and more secure.
It's time to move from vulnerability reaction to prevention, building a positive security culture that doesn't just shift left, but starts left.

The Leaders in AppSec community events are held regularly across Europe and the Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific, so come join us and be inspired by the latest insights from security professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.


Leaders in AppSec brings together a community of cybersecurity - specifically AppSec and InfoSec - enthusiasts and practitioners, in order to facilitate face-to-face knowledge sharing, discussion and networking in this dynamic industry.

Build your profile, expand your network and mingle with like-minded peers.

Table seeting at a Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.


Be inspired by the latest insights from security professionals across multiple industries.

Engage with thought leaders, share ideas and enrich your own strategies with the benefit of new perspectives.

Presentation at a Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.


Engage with fellow AppSec leaders, build lasting relationships, and connect with a diverse group of individuals over shared ideas and proven strategies.

When it comes to software security, the learning never stops. This is a great opportunity to seek solutions for the challenges in your world.
From common problems to curve-balls, discover how other leaders executed viable strategies for their organizations.

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GET INVOLVED with Leaders in AppSec

Leaders in AppSec is on a mission to build a community of enthusiasts and experts who act with a security-first mindset every day.
There are many ways you can contribute.

Panel discussion at Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.

Share an idea

We are always on the hunt for thought-provoking individuals with knowledge to unleash on the world. If you've got fresh ideas, lets talk.

Audience at Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.

Suggest a topic

We'd love to hear from a variety of people across multiple industries. Sharing and discussing ideas with thought leaders will help enrich your own, as well as provide a new perspective.

Audience at Crowd at Leaders in AppSec event.

Offer a space

Got a nifty space? Let us know if you'd like to see a Leaders in AppSec event take it over for a day.

Get to know our speakers

We'd love you to be a part of our community

Let's talk about how we can get you involved.

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